Zombie Dad
Zombie Dad emerging from his grave.
Type Zombie
Gender Male
Affiliations Zombies
Status Undead
Played by No one

Zombie Dad is a special character featured in A Week In Paradise and Postal 2 Complete at the Cemetery. One of the tombstones reads "Zombie Dad" and has a texture similar to that of T. Dude, Sr.'s tomb. If the Postal Dude pisses on this tombstone, a male voice will be heard, saying some random catchphrases from the dialogues of the civilians, and then Zombie Dad will appear.

Zombie Dad carries a Fireman's Axe in the original A Week in Paradise mod, he has a regular Axe in Postal 2 Complete.

Zombie Dad is also agressive towards the player, due to this you have to kill him. The easiest way to do so is by chopping off the limbs with a melee. After death the body (and body parts) will disolve into black goop.

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