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The Weed Whacker is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


Although a melee weapon, it's instead found in the flammables section of the inventory due to it using gas as a fuel source. When used, the blade at the front spins and any collision with any enemy will transfer a lot of damage very quickly, often tearing off limbs and other body parts. Alternate fire does a more deliberate swipe, that causes a lot more damage at once, and often immediately bifurcates enemies. Every attack with this weapon equipped will use a small amount of gas, similar to the Chainsaw. Unlike the chainsaw, it can still be used even when at zero fuel.

This weapon is formally introduced on Friday when the Postal Dude is sent by the Terrorists to trim some cannabis plants at Uncle Dave's Medicinal Herb Farm as a favor. This weapon can be found on earlier days at various secret locations.


  • The weed whacker is labeled "DaWut", a play on famous tool company DeWalt.