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The War Journal was originally several diary entries in the original manual of POSTAL that differed from those found in game. The reasoning for this is currently unknown but as of Redux, they have been integrated into the intentionally vague story of POSTAL, appearing on the loading screens should the player choose Hard or Nightmare mode.

Unlike the normal entries, the War Journal portrays the Postal Dude not as a bloodthirsty murderer but as a man on a crusade against some kind of madness plague that has infected the populace. While there are moments of clear mental instability (see the Parade and ostrich farm), he doesn't enjoy the violence, seeing it as a necessary evil.

Journal gallery[]


  • The earlier entries begin with the prefix of "Diary" with it only becoming the "War Journal" at the Bridge but The Ghetto and The End are still Diary entries.
  • The Elementary School doesn't have a War Journal entry as the manual doesn't list it.
  • The War Journal for EZ mart comes from the box art of Special Delivery.