Aerial view of Vince's House.

Vince's House is an area in Apocalypse Weekend.


Vince's House, as its name suggests, is the house in which Vince Desi lives in the game. It is a large, two story estate with multiple bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, an armory/basement and an upstairs games room featuring several Arcade Machines and a 150 inch television. Vince invites The Postal Dude over to his house following the killing of Phraud Hogslop and the retrieval of the Gold Master. To celebrate, a party is thrown with the RWS staff and the Postal Babes. During the party, The Dude passes out and wakes up in one of the bedrooms, finding that the house has been attacked by zombies. He must assist Vince along with the surviving RWS staff members in killing off 80 zombies, who broke down several walls in order to get in. Vince believes that the zombies were "pissed off ex-employees" who he had fired, and they attacked his house to get revenge. After fending off the zombies, Vince thanks Dude for helping out, but tells him that he can't give him a lift back into town because someone blew up his car.

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