Vegetarians are easily identified by their green shirts with the "Meat Sucks" legend.

The Vegetarians are a group of individuals protesting against the consumption of meat. They are first seen on Thursday in several areas of Paradise, the day in which the Postal Dude needs to get some steaks for his Psychotic Friends Network BBQ, wearing green shirts with the legend "Meat Sucks" on the front and "I ♥ Veggies" on the back. In Postal 2, their role as a hate group is unique that, despite some picket signs (with legends such as "Meat is Gay", "Cows are people too" or "Vegetables kick meat's ass") are seen in a house in Chicken Queen Estates suggesting there would be a protest at Meat World, and the fact that all of the vegetarians are armed, they never show up at Meat World and never attack the Postal Dude when he gets the steaks. The vegetarians would later appear on Friday along with the Parents for Decency and the Book protestors in the house in Chicken Queen Estates that has been used during the whole week as headquarters for all protestors.

Apocalypse WeekendEdit


A group of vegetarians in Apocalypse Weekend.

The vegetarians finally make their first strike in Apocalypse Weekend on Saturday. This time, the vegetarians are wearing blue shirts instead of green ones, with the legend "L.A.M.E.". They attack the Postal Dude after he kills a group of diseased cows, beginning a gun battle against him in the Cow Pasture. On Sunday, a vegetarian arrives to the Elephant Preserve after the Postal Dude slayed a group of elephants, and says in a monotone voice " He is killing our elephant brethren, get him!" as an elephant kills the vegetarian himself. Later, some vegetarians attend a meeting lead by a terrorist. Supposedly, the vegetarians, as well as the zombies, the terrorists and Gary Coleman feel oppressed, so they start an attack against civilians, and fight the National Guard and the Postal Dude in Lower Paradise.


  • When the Postal Dude starts killing the cows at the pasture, the female vegetarian that notices this, alerts her fellows, and tells them "Somebody call Pamela Anderson". This is in reference to her relationship with "P.E.T.A.".


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