Several of the railroad switches of the trainyard. The area is surrounded by unused wagons.

The Trainyard Area is located in the north part of Paradise. As its name suggests, it is a classification yard with several railroad switches and lots of wagons everywhere. A depot next to the switches can be accessed only by employees, in this case the Police, which will attack anyone who enters the depot without wearing a uniform. There are also offices in the trainyard, in which desk clerks armed with scissors will attack anyone who enters. Also located in the trainyard are a Sexxoco store and a filling station.

The trainyard is the only place to get access to the Church and the Compound. Both wings of the Paradise Mall can also be accessed through the area, as well as the Office Complex, the Clinic Area, and the Napalm Factory Exterior.

Notable Locations Edit


  • It should be noted that a train has never been seen in operation in Paradise, though trains in operation can be heard.


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