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The Traffic Citation

The Traffic Citation is an item in POSTAL 2.


A notice issued by the Police department to the Postal Dude, it is unclear how exactly the Postal Dude got fined, seeing as "all the cars in this town seem to be useless exploding props" according to him. According to the Paradise Times, the last day of amnesty is on Thursday, so one of the errands the Dude must complete during that day is to go to the Police Station to pay the ticket. When the Postal Dude arrives to the foyer, he ironically tells the police behind the desk that he is there to pay for an officer's retirement fund. The player can either pay a $300 fine, or fight his way through the entire station to put it in a dropbox, since the dropbox is located in the top floor of the station.

If the Postal Dude loses his ticket, he can get one from the File Room in the station.