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This article is about the original incarnation. For other versions, see: Catnip SprayCatnip

A tin of catnip.

The Tin of Catnip is an item in POSTAL 2.


The Tin of Catnip makes its debut in POSTAL 2. When dropped to the floor, it will immediately attract nearby cats, so that the Postal Dude can equip them as silencers for the Shotgun and the Machine Gun, or used as weapons themselves if they are dervish.

When consumed (with the use button), the effect will slow down all NPCs and enemies, but the Postal Dude will keep moving normally, which gives him great advantage, especially in massive gunfights to make a clean getaway or just to survive. There is a brief pause accompanied by a green smoke emitting in the front the player before the effect sets in. The Postal Dude will comment upon the effect kicking in every time for comedic effect. While the effect is active, a heart icon in the HUD will appear in oversaturated color and beating rapidly, regardless of current HP value.