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I don't know what this is but I'm sure it'll make a nice firework show.


The Thermo-nuclear warhead in ordinance silo of the Military Base.

The Thermo-nuclear warhead is an item in Apocalypse Weekend.


After failing to find decent "fireworks" for Vince at the Terrorist Training Camp, The Dude finds the warhead in the 4th part of the Military base on Sunday. The Thermo-nuclear warhead is found upon entering the ordnance silo, he will come across the warhead and notes that it could be used to destroy the rival video game company, Bullfish Interactive. He takes it, and proceeds to escape the base and head to Bullfish Interactive's headquarters. At the headquarters, Dude places the warhead down in Phraud Hogslop's office, then goes to rescue Champ from the Dog Pound.

At the end of Apocalypse Weekend, the warhead goes off while Postal Dude and Champ are driving away from Paradise, and because of it's 100 Kiloton yield, not only is Bullfish Interactive's HQ destroyed, but all of Lower Paradise as well.


  • Postal Dude can lift and store/carry the Thermo-nuclear warhead despite its weight and size.
  • The item cannot be dropped from the inventory.
  • If the Thermo-nuclear warhead is damaged by explosive means, it will cause a short cut scene of the whole Earth exploding.