The populace situated before The Bridge, with The Bridge itself in the background.

The Bridge is an area in Apocalypse Weekend and Postal III.

Apocalypse WeekendEdit

The Bridge serves as the final level in Apocalypse Weekend, as as its name suggests, it is a large bridge leading out of the town. After rescuing Champ from the Dog Pound, the Postal Dude focuses on getting out of the town before the Thermo-nuclear warhead explodes. He begins to make his way across The Bridge, which has noticeably been the scene of a massive vehicular accident or commotion, with destroyed cars, trailers and freight containers dotted all over, forming a maze-like structure. Dude comes up against armed civilians, zombies and National Guard soldiers, and periodically has to climb the bridge structures in order to progress further, as the vehicle wrecks block 3/4 of the way across. Upon getting off The Bridge, Postal Dude comes across his trailer, which is being used as a roadblock to prevent any outsiders from entering the town unbeknownst of the Apocalypse. However, at that moment he suffers from a hallucination, and finds himself up against a mad-cow infected Mike J, who appears as a giant bipedal cow with a human head. After a long battle, Postal Dude defeats Mike J and the hallucination ends. He later escapes Paradise along with Champ in his car with the trailer hitched onto the back as the Thermo-nuclear warhead goes off, destroying the whole town in the process.

Postal III Edit

Paradise Dream Bridge

From Postal III opening scene

The "Paradise Dream Bridge" in Postal III serves as a training area where the player learns basic actions like hiding in cover, throwing grenades, fun with gasoline, and pepper spraying UN workers.

After surviving the tutorial, the Dude meets the Ranking Commander who is impressed by "how I totally did not just kill his men" who places the Dude in charge of an important anti-terror operation. Unfortunately, due a miscalculation, there was an unexpected incident with the bridge.


  • The Bridge bears a slight resemblance to the real-world Brooklyn Bridge, located in New York City, USA.
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