The entrance to the Training Camp.

The Terrorist Training Camp is an area in Apocalypse Weekend.


After the shenanigans at an Elephant Preserve, the Postal Dude receives a call from Vince Desi who needs help with the marketing of their new game. The Postal Dude comes up with the idea that explosives should be used as makeshift fireworks to get the message out. Having no one else to go to for that type of ordnance, he consults Al Qaeda, despite "slaughtering hundreds of them in the past".

The Dude heads to their Training Camp located on the outskirts of town, however, upon doing so he is immediately confronted by the terrorists inside the camp, who believe he is there to sabotage it. The Dude is forced to battle his way through numerous terrorists in an attempt to find any explosives big enough for a firework show, though as things turn out, the camp does not possess such explosives, and as he is leaving the camp, it abruptly comes under attack by the National Guard, who bomb it with A-10 Thunderbolts and invade it with troops. Unfortunately, as he is escaping the camp, Dude is suspected to be a terrorist associate and becomes outnumbered by troops, who arrest him and take him to the Military Base.

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