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Survivalist's member.

The Survivalists are a group of individuals in Paradise wearing special hazmat suits and gas masks. They are a law enforcement organization and the fifth of the hate groups to appear in Paradise Lost, making their first strike on Friday, though several Survivalists are first seen since Thursday without attacking the Postal Dude. The Survivalists have a camp named Encampment (formerly Forest), with a lot of tents and observation towers.

When the Postal Dude enters the encampment to steal C4 and give it to the Terrorists, he thinks that the best way is to sneak into a camp without raising an alarm. But his alter-ego blows up two Survivalists and raises the alarm, alerting the other Survivalists. After finding C4 in one of the tents, Postal Dude must escape alive from Survivalists camp. He must watch out for nasty surprises such as observation towers equipped with miniguns, and Survivalists constantly spawning as he makes his escape.

More Survivalists appear all over Paradise for the rest of the week, attacking the Postal Dude as soon as he enters their proximity. When Lawmen see Postal Dude being attacked by them, they will attack him as well.

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