POSTAL - Micromouse JP
Japanese cover art
General Info
Developers Running With Scissors
Release Date January 23th 1998
Platforms Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and Linux

Super POSTAL (スーパー郵便 Sūppa Pōstal) is the Japanese localized version of POSTAL, published by Micromouse.

Description Edit

Made specifically for the Japanese market, this version of POSTAL features a complete Japanese dub and two extra levels: Akihabara and Doutonbori (more commonly known as Tokyo and Osaka to English speakers).

Availability Edit

The original disc versions are considered valuable collector's items with the fate of the publisher unknown. The levels were considered for the Steam version of POSTAL but "red tape" got in the way. Eventually, however. The Super Postal levels were later added in with the 2017 Community Update, with Japanese dialogue being added to the options menu as well.

Despite this bureaucratic silliness, the two additional levels and dub can be manually added to the vanilla edition of POSTAL with minimal difficulty.

Likewise, the two levels from this expansion were remade for POSTAL Redux.

Trivia Edit

  • The Postal Dude wears a green coat by default in this version as opposed to the red coat in the original release. This is due to the default config being left over by a dev named in the config as "SteveA"
  • On the menu screen, the campaign is called "Go Postal All Over".
  • Super POSTAL had three re-releases: Premium Pack, Premium Pack (Super price edition), and Premium Pack (Ultra Price Edition).
  • The Asylum cutscene has the Ghetto and the Elementary School music instead of the Asylum ambience.

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