Vince Desi and The Pidgeon Mission!

Vince Desi and The Pidgeon Mission!

The cutscene showing the angered Vince Desi

The Super-fun Pigeon Hunter Mission was a mission scheduled to feature in Apocalypse Weekend, but was cancelled due to budgetary issues. After slaughtering diseased cows at the Cow Pasture, the Postal Dude is asked if he would like to participate in Pigeon Relocating. He accepts and is given a Rocket Launcher. A cutscene abruptly plays straight after, showing the real Vince Desi yelling at various contacts over the phone and at another staff member after proposing the mission to him. After the cutscene, Postal Dude is seen at the blood-covered Lower Paradise with feathers falling from the sky, saying "Man, that was the most incredible thing I've ever done!"


  • It is speculated that there was in fact no planned Pigeon Mission after all, and that it was just an attempt at some additional humor.
  • Pigeons are actually featured in Eternal Damnation.
  • Vince Desi breaks the fourth wall in the video, stating that the viewers know they are on budgetary issues due to the quality of the video. (360p, 480p was more standard around that time.)
  • There is a recently fan-developed workshop mod for Postal 2 Complete which adds the "removed" mission after the cow massacre, seemingly blending it seamlessly into the story line before the gold master mission. Located here
  • In Paradise Lost, there's a gravestone that says, "Rest in Peace, the Pigeon Mission, Again".
  • In the carnival level of POSTAL Redux, there is a carnival game that is named "Pigeon Hunt", an obvious nod to this elusive mission.
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