One of the cars of the subway, exploding as a result of the curse.

The Subway is a setting in the third party mod Eternal Damnation. As soon as John Murray enters the subway, a demon appears and curses the subway, claiming that it would go to hell in three minutes. Immediately, a gas is spread within the driver's cabinet, killing him.

John is in the last car, and must face armed civilians, dogs, and zombies in the next few cars until he barely survives the explosion of a car full of people. To continue, John must climb and walk atop the cars until he finds a hole in the roof of a car. He enters and faces more zombies, until another explosion kills more people while forcimg him to go to the roof again. John gets inside the subway again, and is attacked by more dogs and zombies. John must climb to the roof one last time until he manages to arrive to the first cars and eventually to the driver's cabinet.

John hits the breaks (by pressing F), but it is too late, since the railroad in the Subway Station is blocked, causing the train to crash and John to be thrown out of the subway. However, he manages to survive and continue his way through the station.

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