Panoramic view of the Suburbs.

For the suburbs in Eternal Damnation see Hasselridge suburbs.

The Suburbs (named Old Suburbs in Paradise Lost) are a residential district in Paradise. The Suburbs are first accessible on Thursday, from Home, the Ghetto and the Forest. There are several houses, including one inhabited by Rednecks, who have two "rabid Pitbulls with AIDS", or a bigger one apparently belonging to a priest that has lots of weapons, ammo, cash, and other items, and that is even guarded by an agent of the National Guard on Friday. There is also a hidden back yard in which an altar with a Diseased cow head on it, that has apparently burned and killed some religious fanatics, and that have burned a cat without killing.

The Suburbs are notable for including Meat World and the Parcel Center. On Friday, the place is invaded by heavily armed Terrorists, who are atop various buildings and hills, attacking the Postal Dude as soon as they spot him.

Notable Locations Edit


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