The Shovel is a weapon featured in POSTAL 2 and Postal III.


"The Shovel, though usually regarded as a tool for labor, is handy in combat as well. The primary fire key will cause The Postal Dude to swing the shovel. You can also press the secondary fire key to thrust the shovel. When used on a target repeatedly, this weapon can do severe damage." — The shovel's description in the manual


The shovel as seen in Postal 2 Complete

The shovel is first seen in Postal 2 at the beginning of the game right in front of the player. It will be the first melee weapon the player comes across, and it is capable of two types of attacks, one being a swing and the other being a jab. Both of these attacks can decapitate after a number of whacks, however the swing appears to take less whacks to do so. Being a melee weapon, it lacks power but is still useful when in close quarters.

In Postal 2 Complete, when Enhanced Mode is turned on, if the player jumps and uses the shovel the Postal Dude will begin to gain a lot of height, and will continue to as long as players keep using the secondary or primary attack, giving a pseudo-flying effect.

Postal III Edit

The shovel is a weapon given to the Dude by Jen Walcott after fighting off the Hockey Moms. It's primary attack is an overhead swing capable of killing instantly and is the strongest melee weapon in the game. The alt attack is a horizontal swipe capable of dismemberment.

P3 Shovel
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