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This article is about the POSTAL 2 incarnation of the Shotgun. For other versions see: ShotgunBoomstickShotgun (POSTAL 4)

The Mansweeper Shotgun is a weapon featured in POSTAL 2.


The manual description:

The Shotgun is a useful firearm in that it does more damage to the opponent than the pistol. It takes more time to fire, however. It is also much less effective in long-range situations. At mid-range, 2-3 shots can drop the target, and at close range, 1 blast to the face will destroy the head.

Overall, out of all the firearms in POSTAL 2, the Shotgun is one of the more powerful ones. Bystanders and enemies will carry the weapon around on harder difficulties. Cats can be equipped as silencers for the shotgun. Police officers and some of the other tougher enemies are resistant to shotgun headshots and require multiple close-range shots to the face to decapitate them.

The Shotgun pales in comparison to its close cousins, the Beta Shotgun, the Sawed-Off Shotgun, and the Lever-Action Shotgun who share the ammo pool with the Shotgun in POSTAL 2 Complete and Paradise Lost.

Enhanced Mode[]

The Shotgun gains a secondary fire which launches a handful of weak, slow-moving explosive projectiles in a wide spread.


  • The Shotgun is based off from the Remington 870, specifically the Police Folder variant.