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This article is about the POSTAL 2 incarnation. For other versions, see: TaserTaser Baton

"The Shocker is another enjoyable melee combat weapon. It has the effect of administering a small (but effective) amount of electricity to the target, temporarily stunning it. The longer the fire key is held down, the more severe will be the effects. Keep in mind that after a target goes down, they can still get back up after a short time has passed and will probably immediately go find a cop. Some stronger people will not go down from the Shocker and will simply shake off its effects. The shocker recharges slowly, so if you’ve run out, simply wait a few seconds before using it again." — POSTAL 2 manual descriptionThe Shocker is a weapon in POSTAL 2. It is the only non-lethal weapon in the base game.


The Shocker can first be found inside the house adjacent to the Postal Dude's trailer, on the computer desk. The weapon has no deadly function, though it can be effectively used to make a victim drop to the ground and curl up in a ball for a few minutes, leaving them at the player's disposal. This makes the weapon useful for entering houses, as the house owner won't be able to call the cops if they're zapped. This is also useful for earlier days on POSTAL or Impossible difficulties when you do not have much access to good weapons. Using it on the Police or RWS Staff only disorients them. The Shocker will automatically recharge when it is not in use, and takes 30 seconds for a full charge.


  • When electrocuted to a certain extent, people will fall over and curl up in a ball. A few seconds after this the person will urinate on themselves. This is because they lose control of their bowels when electrocuted.
  • The Shocker was the only non-lethal weapon in the game until the Flash Grenade and the Bean Bag Gun were added in Paradise Lost.