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The Shears are a weapon in POSTAL 2.


Primary fire causes the Postal Dude to cut with the clippers, decapitating or cutting off limbs in one hit. Secondary fire causes the Dude to smash right with the clippers. If you smash the head of someone, their head explodes, as the alt-fire is coded as "Shotgun Damage"; this also has the unintended side-effect of making the alt-fire able to blow up cars.

Unlike most weapons, equipping the Shears won't instantly provoke Bystanders, but clicking fire buttons will.


  • Their inclusion references the point-and-click survival horror series titled Clock Tower, where the main antagonist, known as the Scissorman, uses a giant pair of scissors as a murder weapon to either stab or decapitate his victims with. There are multiple Scissormen and even Scissorwomen in the series.