Postal²: Share The Pain
Share the Pain cover art
General Info
Developers Running With Scissors
Release Date December 17th 2003
Platforms Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux

Share The Pain, Multiplayer Edition is the first official expansion for POSTAL 2. Along with various bugfixes, this includes a new Multiplayer component, a level editor, and two new levels.

Multiplayer Edit

Share The Pain features a new Multiplayer mode with four modes of play

  • DeathMatch
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Snatch (Capture the flag except with Postal Babes)
  • Grab (Collect bags of money for increased power)

In addition, a map editor known as PostED was included so players could create their own maps.

Single Player Edit

While there isn't much different from previous version, Share the Pain has two new areas: "Obligatory Sewer Complex" and "Tora Bora". Both are underground Al Qaeda strongholds which can be accessed via a sewage pipe behind Postal Dude's trailer.

A new weapon called the Weapon of Mass Destruction, (a rocket launcher which fires chemical missiles) has also been added as a prize for getting through the two new levels.

The game comes in a larger box containing the game disc in a CD envelope, the game manual and a Postal Babe poster.

Free Multiplayer Version Edit

On May 20th, 2008 the Multiplayer component was released on ModDb as a standalone. This was apparently to advertise the Postal Film by Uwe Boll.

1409X Multiplayer patch Edit

On January 21st 2012, a patch was released by RWS in conjunction with Resurrection Studios for the Share the Pain Multiplayer adding three additional game modes, new mutators, more characters, and various bug fixes. New modes are:

  • King of the Hill
  • Postal Arena (1 on 1 PVP)
  • Jihad

This patch isn't fully compatible with the Steam re-release nor is it included as RWS consider it a "server side patch"[1]

Trailer Edit


  • "Share The Pain" refers to the online multiplayer aspect of the game.
  • In Apocalypse Weekend, the Postal 2 expansion, the rival video game company is selling a knock-off version called "Smell The Pain".
  • The multiplayer has a bad habit of crashing on Windows 10 when turned to full screen due to DX8 not being fully supported by the OS. Setting "ReduceMouseLag" to false in the Postal2mp.ini should fix this though a recent update to the OS seems to have fixed DX8 compatibility.
  • Despite discontinuing support for the Multiplayer in 2012, the Steam version was patched to function correctly with Windows 10 on March 26th 2016.

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