The Security Staff are a group of security officers guarding BullFish Interactive and Yeeland's Funland in Apocalypse Weekend and Paradise Lost.

Apocalypse WeekendEdit


A security officer.

The security staff guard the publisher office complex of Bullfish Interactive on Saturday. The first security staff member is seen in the lobby, and attacks the Postal Dude as soon as he passes through the metal detector. This will alert the whole security staff, and more officers will come down the stairs to confront him. The next group of security officers are seen outside the main meeting room and the food court. Finally, they are seen outside the office of their boss Phraud Hogslop.

The security staff reappears on Sunday, when the Postal Dude returns to place a Thermo-nuclear warhead to "toast" the company (and the whole town by extension). Security officers are seen confronting zombies in several parts of the publisher office complex, but will also attack the Postal Dude as soon as the notice their presence. The security staff is later spotted in the food court battling a horde of zombies, later reinforced by the National Guard. The last group of officers are seen in Hogslop's office.

Paradise LostEdit

The security staff plays an active role on Tuesday. If the Postal Dude enters Yeeland's office or installs the Motherboards himself instead of giving the weapons that Yeeland demands they will attack him.


  • Though the security staff is not a type of law enforcement organization, when a civilian is under attack of a security officer, they will say the same phrases that are used when they are under attack of a law enforcement organization agent.
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