The scythe

The Scythe is a weapon featured in Apocalypse Weekend and the A Week in Paradise third-party mod.


The Scythe is given to the Postal Dude in Apocalypse Weekend after fending off the zombies at Vince Desi's house. Upon leaving his house, the Dude will come across a man standing outside the Elephant Preserve, who asks him to kill all the elephants inside his preserve. The Postal Dude agrees and is given a Scythe to do the killing. As a reward for killing all the elephants, he gets to keep it. In A Week in Paradise, general Civilians can be found carrying Scythes, particularly a suited man in the Lucky Ganesh on Monday. Also, it's found in one of the Asylum rooms on Thursday. The Scythe is capable of dismembering, but due to its large, curved blade it can also cut victims in half. The secondary attack throws the Scythe in a similar manner to the Boomerang Machete, killing anything in its way. Unlike the Boomerang Machete however, the Scythe doesn't return to the thrower nor does it ricochet of walls. Instead, it just falls to the ground. Later and tougher enemies will usually block the secondary attack with their weapon (but only if they are using two-handed ones like a Machine Gun or a Rocket Launcher), making it somewhat in vain.

In Enhanced Mode, the scythe can be thrown repeatedly in quick succession like the sledgehammer and machete. However, due to the scythe's function of dropping where it lands, excessive throws in a single area can result in a performance drop due to the number of weapon entities.


  • The Scythe appears to be Apocalypse Weekend's trademark weapon, appearing on the cover art and in-game menu screen.
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