Scissors are weapons featured in all of Postal 2.

A box of scissors


"The Scissors can be thrown at enemies who are in relatively close range. To be sure they have an effect, make sure to aim carefully, ‘cause they’re really small. You can also use the secondary fire option with this weapon, causing them to ricochet off of walls. This weapon is especially handy because the scissors can be retrieved if they stick in a wall. Be careful not to poke out your eye." — The scissors' description in the manual

The Scissors are a type of thrown weapon. They can be thrown one by one rapidly with great accuracy and distance, and even have a special attack. The secondary attack sends the Scissor flying through the air bouncing off walls and people causing severe bodily injuries and death. Scissors are a lot more useful than most melee weapons, so having them is recommended.


  • The use of scissors as a weapon is a reference to the name of the developer, Running with Scissors.
  • Running 30 miles ingame with the scissors drawn will also unlock the achievement "Running with Scissors".