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The Sawed-Off Shotgun (also known as the Sawnoff Shotgun) is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


One of the most powerful weapons in the game, able to kill strong enemies in a single shell shot. This is due to releasing up to 32 pellets with each blast, as well as dealing cutting damage. Unlike the normal shotguns, this is capable of severing limbs and destroying doors due to its explosive power.

Its only weakness is a mandatory reload after each shot.

In the original A Week in Paradise mod, it acts similarly to the one in POSTAL 2 Complete, except that it has a separate ammo pool to the normal Shotgun.

Enhanced Mode[]

The weapon's only weakness, reloading, is removed allowing the player to fire in rapid succession.


  • This weapon was inspired by the Super Shotgun in Doom II.
  • In the original AWP mod, this weapon won't get taken from you after getting arrested or the transition from Friday to Saturday.
  • Prior to version 5100 (20th anniversary update) of POSTAL 2 Complete, this weapon behaved very differently. It could fire twice before reloading and each shot was half as powerful. It was also unable to be dual-weld.