The RWS headquarters at Paradise. The main building is on the background.

Running With Scissors, Inc. is a video game developer company located in Paradise. RWS has developed several arcade games like Fag Hunter, Avengers, Coin Gobbler, Bastard Fish, Immoral Kombat, Teen Sniper and even the "educational" Sym Homeless. The company's headquarters are located in the Office Complex, and consist of a lobby, a group of offices, two meeting rooms, a storage, and a garden area accessible only by breaking out from a window of one of the meeting rooms. The garden usually contains lots of Cash and weapons, including a Rocket Launcher and a Napalm Launcher on Friday.

The Postal Dude moved to Paradise because he was hired by RWS, but CEO Vince Desi tells the Dude on Monday that he was fired for unexplained reasons. Just as the Postal Dude gets his check, the Parents for Decency assault the RWS headquarters, and begin a gun battle against the RWS staff.

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  • Running With Scissors is the name of the real company that developed the Postal franchise. Vince Desi and Mike Jaret are also real people.

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