Rules are what keep this wiki strong, and all users regardless of position are required to follow them. This page just highlights general rules, therefore rules that you may have encountered in other wikias should be taken into account.

User Guidelines

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User rules and policies

  • All users are equal - Regardless of position, all users are equal and have the right to be involved in articles and discussions.
  • Assume good faith - Unless it is vandalism, assume the user is trying to be helpful and informative in his/her edit.
  • Be Lawful - If you see vandalism or offensive material, then by all means delete it or ask an admin to revert the edit.

Article and file policies

  • If it's in the game or film, it gets covered - Everything mentioned or seen in the Postal games and films gets covered here.
  • Article names - The name of the article must be what it is in the game, this includes phonology or punctuation.
  • Use of Third Person - Avoid using I, We or You. Instead use "The player" or "Postal Dude".
  • Spoilers - This is an encyclopedia, information or images found here may spoil the game for you. Read at your own risk.
  • Images - Images included on the wiki are limited to in-game captures, trailers and development. Real-life photos are not allowed (for example - a photo of a real M16A1 for the Machine Gun article) unless they are from the film or are to do with, in some way, game development, game development staff, the film cast/crew or any official photography of any kind. Images taken from other websites are allowed unless they are evidently copyrighted.

Achievement policies

  • Achievement Boosting - Achievements were added to make editing more rewarding and fun, do not abuse the Achievement system by making false edits just to earn them (such as purposely deleting a single letter or character and saving just to earn or count towards an achievement). Editors under the suspicion of achievement boosting will receive a warning. If it proceeds afterward, the editor will be blocked from the wiki for 1 week.

Third Party Mod policies

  • Only Third Party Mods that have been released in a notable state (I.e. not a buggy mess) may have their own pages. An unfinished and/or abandoned Mod is worthless.
  • Only total conversion mods can have their own databases (such as weapons, characters, etc), as the mod gives players a new experience.