Rocket launcher

For its predecessor in Postal, see Missile Launcher
"Seeking rockets activated!"

— The Rocket Launcher when it's fully charged.

The Rocket Launcher is a weapon featured in all of Postal 2.


"The Rocket Launcher is another weapon that need not hit the target directly to have an effect – it imparts a considerable amount of damage when the rocket explodes. Keep in mind that this weapon requires time to fuel before firing. The longer you fuel the rocket (by holding down primary fire) the farther it will be able to travel. If a rocket runs out of fuel during flight, it will fall to the ground and detonate on impact. If you fuel a rocket completely, as indicated by the fuel meter, you will hear a confirmation that “seeking mode” is engaged. The rocket will “lock on” to whatever target the crosshairs are over when the fire key is released and will tirelessly attempt to hunt down that target. Secondary fire is similar to primary fire except it allows you to fully fuel a rocket without engaging seeking mode. Such a rocket will travel extremely far before running out of fuel." — The rocket launcher's description in the manual

The rocket launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in both games, and therefore, it is a rare sight until Thursday, in which Krotchy and some National Guard soldiers carry one. If the fire key is held in long enough, it will charge up and then fire a heat-seeking rocket at the victim,and Postal Dude will do the Rock Sign before firing, just so you can see how badass he is. It also has a secondary fire, that launches a standard rocket that bounces off surfaces.


  • With good timing, it is possible to kick a fired rocket without it exploding.
  • The Rocket Launcher is modeled after the Swedish heat-seeking rocket launcher AT-4 HS.
  • In Enhanced Mode, it is possible to control the rockets using the rocket cameras.
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