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The XJ-2 Units (or simply "Robots") are a group in POSTAL 2.


The successor to XJ-1 (more commonly known as the Vend-A-Cure), they first appear at the Robotics Factory (formerly Napalm Factory) on Thursday in Paradise Lost. Created to collect urine, they revolt against their former masters after the Postal Dude collects Mechanical Stilts due to being unhappy with collecting said urine.

They can be destroyed with 2 shots of a Shotgun or deactivated by pissing into them, if done so they will drop a random health item.

The robots reappear on Friday during The Apocalypse, attacking anything that gets too close to the Robotics Factory.


  • These enemies are a reference to Claptrap from the Borderlands series.
    • In addition, they are referred to as "Pisstrap" in the credits and subtitles.
  • David Eddings (who voices Claptrap) almost did the voice for the robots but was unable due to unknown circumstances. However, he now voices them as of 20th Anniversary Update.
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