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This article is about the POSTAL 2 version of the Hunting Rifle. For other incarnations, see: Hunting Rifle (POSTAL 4)

"The Hunting Rifle does a MUCH larger amount of damage than the pistol, but takes longer to fire. It is useful in hunting targets at long distances. You may find that it’s less accurate when fired “from the hip”. To maximize the rifle’s effectiveness, you need to use the secondary fire key to bring up the scope. Once the scope is up, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, then use the fire key as normal to shoot. You will find that this will greatly increase the rifle’s precision." — POSTAL 2 manual description

The Rifle is a weapon in POSTAL 2.



Zooming into the scope of the Rifle

The Hunting Rifle allows the player to zoom in using the scope, allowing them to pick off enemies who are far away; if one fires without scoping in, its accuracy is heavily degraded. It deals a very high amount of damage, capable of killing most enemies in one shot. Unlike other firearms, the Rifle uses projectile bullets, instead of hitscan. The Rifle can be found in the Bates Hotel, the Police Station's armory, and in the hands of SWAT snipers during the later days in the base game. In Paradise Lost, it can be found in Vending Machines.

Enhanced Mode[]

The Hunting Rifle fires explosive rounds. Unlike the base game variant, the enhanced Rifle is incapable of one-shot killing policemen or stronger NPCs, from full health, even with headshots. It also lacks the ability to penetrate through multiple NPCs. This makes it the only Enhanced Mode weapon that is inferior to the base version.


  • The Hunting Rifle is loosely based on the Remington M24 sniper rifle (itself a variant of the Model 700), with a wooden stock, retracted recoil pad, and the bolt on the left hand side of the gun instead of the right.
    • The above left hand-sided bolt is only on the weapon's model when viewed in first-person. The third-person world model features the correct right hand-sided bolt.
  • When bought from the vending machines in Paradise Lost, the Hunting Rifle is given the moniker of "Pappy's Pride". This carries over to its appearance in POSTAL 4.
  • The Hunting Rifle was originally going to be in Postal III, but was cut early during development.