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This article is base on the Paradise Lost incarnation of the Revolver. For other versions, see: Revolver (POSTAL Redux)Revolver (POSTAL 4)

The Revolver is a weapon featured in POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost.


The Revolver is a very powerful weapon capable of downing most enemies in one shot, barring any armour they may be wearing.

Killing enemies with weapons fills up the Execution meter at the bottom of the screen. When right click is held if the meter is filled at any capacity, you can pass the targeting reticle over any human enemies in the immediate area to mark up to six people. When released, the Postal Dude will automatically shoot for their heads, killing them instantly if the shot connects. The alt fire can kill even the most dangerous enemies in the game in short order.

In Enhanced Mode, this weapon's headshots always instantly destroy heads.

Ammo for this weapon is generally scarce, but can be bought from vending machines for a $15 a piece.


  • The Revolver is based on the real world Colt Python.
  • It has an unused reloading animation and its bullets are untextured.
  • in POSTAL difficulty, the dude can be beheaded without being killed if an NPC happens to land a headshot.