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The Radio's inventory icon.

The Radio is an item in POSTAL 2.


Given to the Postal Dude by Uncle Dave in Paradise Lost, it's used at the Medicinal Herb Farm on Friday during an errand. The Postal Dude can use the radio to give orders to Uncle Dave who will help him by shooting and killing DEET agents.

A Week in Paradise[]

In the original A Week in Paradise mod it's known as the Police Radio. It allows the Postal Dude to see where police have encountered a crime by way of a red "+" marker; when this happens the text "Your radio is going off..." appears in the top-left corner of the screen and the radio will make noise. It can also be used to summon police to your area by pressing the use key.


  • Files in Paradise Lost suggests that the Radio was originally going to be used by the Dude to order around RWS Staff and Robots.