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An RWS staff member with his black t-shirt featuring the RWS logo on the back.

The Running With Scissors Staff (RWS Staff for short) are a group in POSTAL 2.


The staff of Running With Scissors are a group of workers of the mentioned video game developer company located in Paradise. They can be identified by their black t-shirts, with the Running With Scissors logo on the back, and jeans. There are RWS staff members all over Paradise, and they act as allies of the Postal Dude from time to time, although they might attack the Postal Dude as well if they are provoked by him first.

On Monday, an RWS staff member tells the Postal Dude that Vince Desi needs to see him. Once the Postal Dude arrives to RWS headquarters, he is informed by Vince that he is fired. It is in that very same moment that the RWS headquarters are invaded by the Parents for Decency, which are immediately battled by the RWS staff. On an unrelated note, RWS staff seems to be unaffected by the mind-altering gas spread on Friday during the Apocalypse.

RWS staff are armed with Machine Guns and have very high health, making them good allies in a firefight.

Apocalypse Weekend[]

In Apocalypse Weekend, a member of the RWS staff sacrifices himself to blow up the gates of Bullfish Interactive to give the Postal Dude access to the complex. On Sunday, the RWS staff is seen in Vince's House fighting a horde of Zombies. This particular staff member is featured as one of the stats on the stats screen at the end of the game, with the line "Bryan survived".

Paradise Lost[]

In Paradise Lost, RWS staff have different uniforms, consisting of blue jeans, a dark blue shirt with the Postal Dude's motto of "I Regret Nothing" written on it, and a baseball cap. RWS staff consist of both male and female NPCs. Their behavior is the same as before, having high health and acting as allies to the Postal Dude whenever a firefight breaks out near them. Additionally, Postal Babes can be found around Paradise wearing the original RWS uniform (a black shirt with the RWS logo on it), who behave identically to RWS staff.

Unlike in the original apocalypse, in Paradise Lost the RWS staff and Postal Babes will turn hostile to the Postal Dude during the Apocalypse at the end of the game.

Eternal Damnation[]

A group of male RWS employees appear in Eternal Damnation as tall cleaver-wielding zombies at Hasselridge Cathedral's Graveyard. They have a noticeably much more gory appearance, in comparison to other zombies, similar to Zombie Boss.


  • RWS Staff in the base game and Paradise Lost are modeled after actual Running With Scissors employees. If the player has subtitles turned on, their names can be seen there.
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