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The Protest Sign is a weapon in POSTAL 2, and one of the many weapons added in the POSTAL 2 Complete release.


A parody of the signs used by hate groups, the Protest Sign can be found in the hands of various protester groups (RWS Protestors, Book Protesters, HAAT) in the main game, and in the Junkyard in Paradise Lost. The Protest Sign as held by the Postal Dude simply bears the legend "END PROTESTING", no matter what was written on the sign that was picked up. This was changed in later versions as the sign says whatever type Dude picked up.

In terms of gameplay, it is a simple, weak blunt melee weapon, functioning similarly to the Shovel but without the ability to dismember.


  • Prior to its addition as a weapon, it was simply an NPC accessory that disappeared when its carrier is killed.