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"Good or Insane? The choice is yours."

Postal III (Stylized as PostaLIII) was the originally released third "game" in the Postal series, but has since been disowned by Running With Scissors. Because of this, it has since been listed as a non-canonical "spin-off" title and was subsequently retconned in Paradise Lost and POSTAL 4: No Regerts.


After nuking the town of Paradise in Apocalypse Weekend, The Postal Dude finds himself in Paradise's sister town Catharsis. Out of cash and needing fuel, the Postal Dude seeks employment.

What follows are two separate but existing story lines (as the Dude tends to reference his actions in different paths) known as the Good Path and the Insane Path.


Unlike its predecessors, Postal III is played in a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective with a cover system and regenerating health. Another notable change is that Postal III is fairly linear compared to POSTAL 2 with any open world elements left in an unlockable free roam mode.

In addition to returning gameplay elements and weapons, Segways are introduced as vehicles in the game along with a morality system based on whether the player uses violent or nonviolent actions when completing a level. This affects the story leading the Dude toward either the Good path of joining the Catharsis Police Force or the Insane path of joining the Ecotologists with each path having its own unique ending.


  • In the original release, a remixed version of "Goodbye Almond Eyes" by Tokyo Rose was used in the Porn World and Jennifer Walcott Bodyguard missions. This would be later patched out due to Akella not actually having the rights. The song itself can still be found in the American Postal III manual, which lists the entire soundtrack.
    • The track that replaced "Goodbye Almond Eyes" is unknown, but seems to be a techno cover of Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries".
  • The Russian version had a pre-order exclusive DLC weapon known as the Fart Gun that isn't available for purchase in the international versions of the game. It is, however, possible to mod the game to function in said international versions.
  • On Running With Scissors' website, clicking on a link to the information page of Postal III will simply bring you to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" on Youtube.
  • This game is removed to the official Postal timeline due to Postal 4 taking place after Paradise Lost
  • POSTAL 2 Complete mocked Postal III with two achievements:
    • "SCREW that game!", awarded by urinating on a copy of the game in the junkyard
    • "Better than POSTAL III", awarded by completing Paradise Lost

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