The Postal Dude's trailer.

The Postal Dude's trailer is where the Postal Dude, The Bitch, and Champ live.


All days start with the Postal Dude getting out of his trailer, and end with him returning. During the days, the trailer is inaccessible since the Bitch will not let him in until all errands are complete. The area in front of the trailer and Champ's house is full of Champ's poo. Behind the trailer is a sewage pipe, which gives the player access to the Obligatory Sewer Complex and Tora Bora areas.

Apocalypse Weekend Edit

In Apocalypse Weekend, after the Postal Dude shoots himself and wakes up in the Hospital, he receives a note from a land owner, who tells him his trailer has been taken away. The Postal Dude manages to recover his trailer only after crossing The Bridge and before fighting Mike J. At the end of the game, the Postal Dude is seen driving his car and pulling his trailer away from Paradise, which has been destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

Paradise Lost Edit

The trailer returns in Paradise Lost on Wednesday at the wedding of Mike J and the Bitch. It seems the Bitch actually wants to live there, much to the Postal Dude's dismay.

Postal III Edit

The title screen of the game takes place inside of the Postal Dude's trailer.

The trailer can be seen in the "collect HIV infected cats" mission.

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