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This page is for the mobile game. For the real life models, see Postal Babes.

POSTAL Babes (Stylized as POSTAL Babes) is a mobile game developed and published by HeroCraft. Despite its namesake, it has nothing to do with the main POSTAL series and is a licensed spin-off.


The game stars two Postal Babes who must fight off "Maniacs" who have taken over Starsfield University and rescue the students (all of which are female) before it's too late.


The game is a side-scrolling beat'em up/shooter with several weapons at the player's disposal. The game alternates between playing as the two babes who have unique play styles, with the babe in black using melee weapons and the babe in white using firearms and engaging in sniper sections.

There are thirteen levels in total with missions varying between rescuing hostages, killing all the maniacs, platforming, sniping, disarming bombs, and protecting rescued hostages.


  • Much like the POSTAL mobile game, there is a censored version of Postal Babes that removes the blood and dismemberment.
  • The two Postal Babes don't have real names, but the babe in white is referred to as "Sweetie" in conversations.
  • In the original J2ME version, there is an option to see the girls topless by sending HeroCraft an SMS message. This was removed from later versions without explanation.
    • Despite this, the sprites for the topless girls remained in the game throughout its lifecycle and could still be modded back into the game.
  • Despite being depicted in promotional art, Terrorists do not appear in this game.
  • The game is no longer available for sale with the final version being v1.9.4.

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