The Baton

The Police Baton is a weapon featured in POSTAL 2 and Postal III.


"The Baton is useful in close combat. The damage dealt will be low, so you may find several strokes necessary when utilizing this weapon. Bash things with the secondary fire." — The baton's description in the manual

The Police Baton is the standard sidearm for the Police of Paradise in POSTAL 2. It can be acquired by killing a police officer. The alternate fire makes Postal Dude hit the victim with the butt of the baton. It is overall a very weak weapon and takes the longest out of all weapons to kill.

In POSTAL 2 Complete, this weapon is given a massive attack boost in Enhanced mode where it can kill most people in 1 or 2 hits and is capable of making heads explode.

Postal III Edit

Called the "Nightstick", its primary attack is a mixture of overhead clubbing strikes and horizontal strikes. Its alternate attack is to throw the club.


  • Sometimes when protesters attack the player and the player beats them with a Baton, people will congratulate him.
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