The Pistol is a weapon featured in all of Postal, Postal 2 , Postal III and Postal Redux.

Postal 2 & Apocalypse WeekendEdit

Pistol 1080

"The Pistol is your standard firearm. It does a moderate amount of damage but is very accurate." — The pistol's description in the manual

The Pistol is the standard weapon used by the Police of Paradise, and many town folk carry one along with them as well. It is useful to have for the first 2 or so days, but afterwards is practically useless against tougher foes. In most of the difficulty levels it will kill in 2 headshots and 4-5 bodyshots to kill. Because of its very low rate of fire, the player is more vulnerable when attacking an armed enemy. It is best kept for emergency purposes rather than a primary weapon.

Postal 3Edit

The pistol once again re-appears in Postal 3, but has a different design than the one in Postal 2. It has a faster fire rate and is alot more powerful.


  • In Postal 2, the Pistol is visually based on the IMI Desert Eagle, and in Postal 2 Beta, it was a hybrid of the Desert Eagle and Colt M1911. In Postal 3, it was originally going to be based on a Deagle again, but was later redesigned and resembles a Colt SSP.
  • Even though featured in the original Postal and it's HD remake Redux, the Pistol is only used by the Police and cannot be used by the player. It seems to be a Glock-type pistol in the first game, while in Redux, it seems to be a Desert Eagle like in Postal 2.
  • The slide of the weapon in the Share The Pain version moves back and forward very slowly when fired, which is unusual for a pistol.
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