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This article is about the POSTAL 2 incarnation. For other versions, see: Pee

Piss (known as the Urethra in the code) is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


The manual description:

Press R to unzip your pants. Press it again to zip your pants back up. When you unzip your pants, both hands will be... occupied, so you can’t hold a weapon with your pants unzipped. Press fire to urinate. If the ammo number listed by the picture of the zipper is 0, you’re out of urine. Wait a few moments, and the Postal Dude will muster up some more liquids. Walking around with your pants down in public will cause police to arrest you and general bystanders to mock you.

If the Postal Dude unzips his pants and pisses in a victim's mouth, they will start vomiting for a few seconds and then run away in terror. Unlike weapons, piss cannot kill, and instead its main use is to distract enemies for a few seconds, allowing for a quick getaway. Later enemies will not vomit if pissed on, but will still be distracted by it.

Defensively, piss is used to put out fires, be it from the environment or the Postal Dude himself. If the Dude urinates above his head when he is on fire, the fire will be extinguished instantly. If he urinates above his head when he isn't for a moment, the Dude will start gagging after a few seconds.

On Friday, the Postal Dude wants to take a "wicked leak" since the beginning of the day. When he does so, his piss will appear green and slowly get hurt while urinating. This gonorrhea laced urine is far more gross than the normal urine, causing all NPCs to vomit immediately, including those immune to vomiting from regular urine, such as cops.

Enhanced Mode[]

The alt-fire changes the fluid allowing the player to pee something other than urine. These other fluids are: Gas, Blood, Puke, Gonorrhea Urine, and Napalm.


  • Peeing on Mike J causes him to begin dancing and music to start playing. The music that plays is the same as the one heard from inside the Fire in the Hole gay club next to the Money Shot Laundromat. This will also happen if you piss on the cashier of the secret Steme store in the mall.
  • The POSTAL franchise is one of the few games that allow you to piss anywhere.
  • When the Postal Dude is at low health, he'll start pissing blood.
  • Drinking your own piss gives you the achievement "It's Sterile and I Like the Taste" in POSTAL 2 Complete.
  • When looking at a mirror and unzipping the Postal Dude's pants, his groin area can be seen censored by a black circle.
  • Pissing with gonorrhea infection for the first time outside of Friday and in entirety of Paradise Lost using GonnorheaChaChaCha cheat will cause the Map to pop up, as if an errand for getting medicine was being added. However, due to an invalid day, no actual errand will be added and the Postal Dude will not say anything. The map will close shortly afterwards.