Some pigeons at Newlow.

Pigeons are a type of animal first introduced in Eternal Damnation. As soon as John Murray arrives to Newlow, a cut-scene will feature Grandpa Bob greeting John and surrounded by pigeons. Because the player must likely will be carrying a weapon, this will scare Grandpa Bob, causing him to run over the pigeons and prompting them to attack him. When John or any other character (zombies or dogs included) run over the pigeons, it will cause them to peck them to death. Pigeons are also seen at the Canyon.

Though small, pigeons are more difficult to kill than dogs. Fire will not burn them to death, but will merely leave them burnt but alive. While it requires only one hit from a baseball bat to kill a dog, it takes two to kill a pigeon. Pigeons, however, are not able to fly more than a couple of inches from the floor.

Super-fun Pigeon Hunter MissionEdit

Though introduced in Eternal Damnation, pigeons are first mentioned in Apocalypse Weekend. After the Postal Dude kills a group of diseased cows, he is asked to be the new "pigeon-relocation engineer". However, the game is abruptly interrupted by a video of the real Vince Desi, refusing the proposal of a Super-fun Pigeon Hunter Mission. After the video, the Postal Dude appears at Lower Paradise, surrounded by blood and feathers and exclaiming the pigeon relocation was the most incredible thing he has ever done.

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