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The paycheck given to the Postal Dude by Vince Desi.

The Paycheck is an item in POSTAL 2.


"Pick up a check" is the first errand given to the Postal Dude on Monday. Despite being hungover the day before, the Postal Dude manages to remember where Running With Scissors' headquarters are located, so he goes there to get the check. Once there, Vince tells the Postal Dude that he is fired and that he can get the check from his desk. The Postal Dude then goes to the Fee of America bank to cash the check. He tells the desk clerk that he would like to "cash this pitiful and embarrassing check".


  • There is around $140 on the check. After cashing it, Postal Dude will receive that amount of cash.
  • The check is dated 5/16/02 and its check number is 5020.
  • The paycheck is the only errand item that is used to complete another errand.