The Parents for Decency protesting outside RWS.

"Games are bad! They make you mad!"

— Slogan

The Parents for Decency are a group of protestors against Running With Scissors and violent video games. They are the first of the hate groups to appear. The Parents for Decency are protesting outside the RWS headquarters, showing picket signs with legends such as "Make a game with a plot", "Kill violent video gamers", "Censor RWS' shitty games" or even one with Vince Desi's face on it that says "Desi is the devil". Just as Vince is giving the Postal Dude his check and telling him he is fired, the Parents for Decency break into the headquarters and begin a gun battle against the RWS staff, including the Postal Dude.

More Parents for Decency appear all over Paradise for the rest of the week, attacking the Postal Dude should he enter their proximity. Ironically, on Thursday and Friday, a group of Parents for Decency can be seen playing video games at Quarter Vortex, a video arcade.

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