Outside view of the Parcel Center from the Suburbs.

The Parcel Center is Paradise's local postal service center. The place is in charge of the delivery of mail and packages to the residents of the town. During the week, the Parcel Center is closed because decontamination has been taking place. On Friday, the Postal Dude gets a note saying there is a package for him, so he proceeds to go to the Parcel Center. Once there, he can either pay the Carriers $100 to get the package, or to break into the place and take it without paying. If the Postal Dude pays, the desk clerk will tell another carrier to get the package for the Dude, but it will automatically explode and kill the carrier. If the Postal Dude enters the place to get the package and not paying for it, the package will not explode. Both scenarios, however, will trigger an alarm, locking down the doors and windows of the Parcel Center, trapping the Postal Dude inside. The Postal Dude must get through the door behind the counter and find a way out, but he will face a large group of carriers who will try to kill him in revenge for stealing or to frame him for his package killing one of them.

The Postal Dude must get through several offices and hallways until he arrives to a large storage, in which many weapons and health items are located. Once in the storage, a SWAT team will break through the glass ceiling and aid the carriers, attacking the Postal Dude as well if he is out of uniform. Once the Dude manages to get out of the storage, he returns to the hall of the Parcel Center where more heavily armed carriers are waiting for him.


  • Within the Parcel Center, there are several posters warning people not to accept packages like the one sent to the Postal Dude. However, both the Dude himself and the desk clerk carrier do not seem to realize or care about this.


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