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The Paradise Times newspaper.

Not to be confused with the Post Apocalyptic Times.

The Paradise Times is the main local newspaper for Paradise. Its headquarters are located in the Greenbelt. It often displays what significant events are happening in the town on that day, such as the Marching Band parade, the visits of Gary Coleman and Krotchy, or the siege of the Compound. At the start of each day, a Paradise Times newspaper is placed outside of Postal Dude's trailer, and the same edition can also be purchased at the Fee of America bank for $5 on Monday. When read, Postal Dude will usually make a comment about the main headlines.

On Tuesday, the Paradise Times notes that the murder rate has been increased since Monday. News on murder and the "spree killer" (heavily suggested to be the Postal Dude, whether the player chooses to "go postal" or not) keep appearing in the headlines, and on Friday it is the main headline. A photo of the Dude and Uncle Dave is shown in the Apocalypse edition, which appears on Friday after all errands are completed.

The Paradise Times makes coverage of the Marmoset Basketball. On Sundays, there is a comic strip featuring Splatterpope & Postal Grrl.



  • Oddly, the Paradise Times can still be found in Paradise Lost; it is usually in a different location to the Post Apocalyptic Times.