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This article is about the POSTAL 2 incarnation. For other versions, see: HostilesCatharsis Police Force


Police officers in their 3 different uniforms in POSTAL 2: dark blue, black and brown.

The Paradise Police Force are a Law Enforcement Organization in POSTAL 2.



A Police Officer in Postal 2.

Police are the standard law enforcement in Paradise. Policemen are in charge of the security of the town and its people, and have their headquarters in the Police Station. However, they appear to be ruthless, since they will beat or shoot to death every person that attacks any other individual, including the Postal Dude, even when the person has given up and is begging for mercy. They are also corrupt, as shown when the Postal Dude, using a police uniform, kills a bystander and they tell him that someone may have a camera. Police officers come in three different uniforms: dark blue, black and brown. Officers in brown uniforms are the toughest. In the event that the Postal Dude is being searched for by the police, they are identifiable with their radios going off.

The police will try to arrest the Postal Dude every time he is seen carrying a weapon, attacking other people, breaking windows, or even after being accused by others. The police are confronted on Monday at Fee of America, when the Postal Dude breaks into the bank's vault instead of cashing the check. On Tuesday, the police arrive at the Paradise Mall to arrest Gary Coleman. On Thursday, the police are battled several times: when the Postal Dude enters the Police Station to pay his Traffic Citation, when he gets the steaks at Meat World, and also after he gets a Krotchy Doll in Toyz 'n tha Hood.

On Thursday and Friday, the Police are aided by SWAT teams or the National Guard. In Apocalypse Weekend, the Police are totally absent. In Paradise Lost, the police officers are replaced by the Lawmen.

Eternal Damnation[]

The Police appears in the third-party mod Eternal Damnation, sharing the same traits from their Postal 2 counterparts, though there are no brown-uniform officers, nor any female cops. After John Murray escapes from his cell at Happy Hill Asylum and defeats both the patients and the staff, the Police Department of Hasselridge is alerted, with some officers being deployed to the asylum. After John defeats the first group of policemen, more officers arrive to the area surrounding the asylum and confront John until he goes to the Downtown section. More cops are seen guarding a control tower at the Harbor, and John must fight them to open the gates out of the place. When John arrives to the Hasselridge suburbs, he finds himself trapped there since the police have locked the gates for leaving the area due to several crimes taking place in the suburbs. John threatens the cops, but tells them that he will take care of the criminals himself. The police are seen a final time after John exits the Hasselridge Mall and on his way to the Canyon, unable to contain the zombie outbreak.


  • A sign outside the Paradise Police Station reads "Pride, Integrity, Guts and Service", which is an acronym for "PIGS".
  • Given how tough they are compared to other officers, the officers in brown uniforms may either be from the Sheriff's Department or State Police.
  • In Postal 2, before the Dude is arrested, the cop will say a random line and pull out a pair of Handcuffs. The player can escape before they get arrested.
  • If you are running away from a cop that is chasing you and go into a level transition, the cop (whether be a male or female) will have their voice change to a different gender. This may be a glitch left uncorrected during development.
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