Not to be confused with Paradise (Pre-nuclear fallout)

Paradise (Post nuclear fallout) is the setting of Paradise Lost. It's the town of Paradise 11 years after surviving the nuclear fallout of Apocalypse Weekend.

Overview Edit

After the Postal Dude set off the Thermo-nuclear warhead, the town of Paradise experienced an odd Nuclear fallout causing the town to experience four unique weather zones separated by underground passages with said weather becoming more extreme the closer one gets to the blast zone.

Arid Desert Edit

The zone furthest from the blast site. It's an extreme version of typical desert weather. It covers the Trainyard Area, the Paradise Mall, the Office Complex (now the Old Office Complex), the Clinic area (now the Chemical Factory area), the Brewery (now the Chemical Factory), the Compound (now the Medicinal Herb Farm), and the Church and the Cemetery (now the Church of the VD Clan). The zone is accessible since Monday.

Rainy Foliage Edit

In juxtaposition to the previous zone, the Rainy Foliage zone experiences persistent rainfall and plant growth not unlike a rainforest. It covers Chicken Queen Estates (now Hovels Area), the Meadow, the Industrial Area, the Cole-Mine, the Greenbelt (now the PU Games center), the Napalm Factory Exterior (now the Wipe House), and the Napalm Factory (now the Robotics Factory), and the Junkyard. The zone is accessible since Tuesday.

Nuclear Winter Edit

The increased soot in the atmosphere has caused the temperatures in the area to drop to subzero levels creating an endless winter. It covers the Ghetto, Police Station (now the Winter Wonderland), and Main Street (now the Habib's Survival Store). The zone is accessible since Wednesday.

Ashen Skies Edit

Closest to the detonation site, this area exists as a permissive hellscape. The increased amount of ash in the atmosphere created almost an artificial night. It covers the Home area (now Hell Hole), the Parcel Center (now the Hideout), the Forest (now the Survivalist Encampment), and the Suburbs (now the Old Suburbs). The zone is accessible since Thursday.

Notable Locations Edit


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