Paradise is a small town located in Arizona, U.S. and is the main setting for POSTAL, POSTAL 2, Apocalypse Weekend, Paradise Lost and the Postal film. A map is always in the player's inventory in Postal 2.



A signpost outside Paradise, as seen during the intro of the game.

On the surface, Paradise appears as a quiet, peaceful town located in the middle of the Arizona Desert. Though small, it's population is around 4000 and it houses some big structures, such as a mall, a bank, a library, a napalm factory, and a brewery. Some residents of Paradise have set up their own businesses, such as crack dealing emporiums. ATF Squads hide out in the town, and attempt to end these illegal activities.

Though appearing to be a docile community, Paradise is the subject of many crazy or sometimes abnormal happenings, including bank robberies, terrorist attacks, and eventually the Apocalypse. These events usually effect the town visually or economically, and law enforcement agencies such as SWAT are called in to keep the peace.

As the player will find, the residents of Paradise are mixed in gender, race, and political opinion. The one trait they all share however, is that they are all exceptionally rude, incompetent, uncaring, violent, perverted, obnoxious, and/or psychopathic. They will often partake in various acts of harassment against the player, be it shouting obscenities for bumping into them, to accusing the player of a crime (which will cause nearby police to attempt to apprehend the Dude), to even starting a shoot-out with the player for no other reason than them not liking the Dude. Bad citizens can be found locked up at the Police Station.

Apocalypse WeekendEdit

Main article: Lower Paradise

In addition to the main part of the town, there is a smaller area known as Lower Paradise. While it doesn't appear on the map, we know (thanks to the slideshow in Paradise Lost) that it's to the southeast of the main map.

Paradise LostEdit

Main article: Paradise (Paradise Lost)

Following a nuclear explosion, Paradise was thought to be completely obliterated, but as it turns out, the majority of the town remained unscathed, but is now facing an odd nuclear fallout. This nuclear fallout resulted in the town being separated into four weather zones: Ashen Skies, Nuclear Winter, Rainy Foliage, and Arid Desert. In addition, there are now several faction leaders trying to rule Paradise.