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The Package

The Package is an item in POSTAL 2.


According to the Postal Dude, he received a note that there is a package for him, so he goes to the Parcel Center on Friday. Once there, a carrier desk clerk tells him that there is indeed a package for him, but that he has to pay for it. If the Postal Dude decides to get the Package himself, he will immediately be attacked by the carriers. If the Postal Dude pays, another carrier will go to pick up the Package but it will suddenly explode, and all the carriers will attack the Postal Dude anyway. Either choice will ensue in the Dude being trapped, and forced to fight all the way through the inside of the Parcel Center to the exit.


  • In the Parcel Center, there are various posters warning people not to receive packages like this one. However, neither the Postal Dude nor the carriers seem to care or heed.
  • When the Postal Dude enters the Terrorist Training Camp, several packages similar to the one sent to him were in the process of being made by the terrorists.
  • Interestingly enough, the Package will not blow up if the Dude picks it up, even though it is ticking.
  • The sender of the Package was likely Osama, since the package says it comes from the "Osama Middle School" located in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Strangely, the Package is the only errand item that is not mentioned in the manual.