Exterior of the PU Games 001

Exterior of the PU Games.

PU Games is an location in Paradise Lost. Formerly, the building was Fee of America bank and now it's the office building and headquarters of the Game Devs lead by the PU CEO in a building full of computers made to exploit the wallets of gamers. Notable departments are: Cosmetic Items, Day one DLC, and the Amazing Microtransaction Super Computer.

One of errands given to the Postal Dude by Vince Desi on Tuesday is to wreck PU Games since it competes with RWS. The Postal Dude must destroy all computers in office building along with it's Super Computer but he must face with Game Devs who work there. After that, the Dude must fight with the PU CEO.

Trivia Edit

  • The company is a parody of asshole video game devs who exploit their gullible audience and Tim Schaffer.


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