Exterior of the PU Games 001

Exterior of the PU Games.

PU Games is an location in Paradise Lost. Formerly, the building was Fee of America bank and now it's the office building and headquarters of the Game Devs lead by the PU CEO in a building full of computers made to exploit the wallets of gamers. Notable departments are: Cosmetic Items, Day one DLC, and the Amazing Microtransaction Super Computer.

One of errands given to the Postal Dude by Vince Desi on Tuesday is to wreck PU Games since it competes with RWS. The Postal Dude must destroy all computers in office building along with it's Super Computer but he must face with Game Devs who work there. After that, the Dude must fight with the PU CEO.

Trivia Edit

  • The company is a parody of asshole video game devs who exploit their gullible audience and Tim Schafer.
  • PU Games' name is a parody of Electronic Arts, or "EA" games. Their extreme reliance on paid DLC and micro-transactions is also a satirical slam at the company's financial practices.
  • Several references to Double Fine and Tim Schafer appear throughout the building.
    • A poster advertising a game called Psychonuts: The Seminal Adventure That'll Squeeze Out Trusting Fans for Years to Come! appears several times, a reference to the game Psychonauts. The game's main character is portrayed as a humanoid penis with similar facial hair and fashion sense to Tim Schafer.
    • Another poster advertises a game called Wastebase DP-0: A Simulation of a Concept of a Complete Game appears throughout the building. This is a parody of SpaceBase DF-9, a Double Fine game that was cancelled during the Early Access stage of development due to financial issues. The source code for the game was later released as compensation.
    • An arcade cabinet for a game called Stocking can be found in a small lobby with other games. This is a reference to the game Stacking.
    • On the PU CEO's computer, a "Punchstarter" page for a game called Loot 'n' Stash can be seen. This is a reference to the game Hack 'n' Slash, which Tim Schafer was a producer on.
    • In the elephant foot wastebasket (itself a reference to Apocalypse Weekend) next to the PU CEO's desk, a discarded game box for Cost-U-Quest can be seen. This is a reference to Double Fine's Costume Quest, which was later adapted into an Amazon Prime series.
  • Several computers in the officers have the webpage "Old Man Murray" on their monitors. Although this texture is an older asset, Erik Wolpaw, former writer of the site, has also written games for Double Fine, the company PU Games is a partial parody of.


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